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Update Day: November 2017

Hey everyone, Misha here. This Friday is the last one of November, so it's time for another update day.

I will not be updating, though, because this is going on in my life. I'm taking this week away from social networking as much as I can because I really can't cope with those "duties" on top of everything else going on.

So. Where does that leave the bloghop?

For now, it's still open, but this month might be the last update day unless some miracle happens and I somehow land on my feet. Which means that if I don't post again in December, this bloghop will be placed on an indefinite hiatus until such a time that I can come back to it.

I'm really hoping that this won't be the case, but I simply don't know what next week holds. All I know is that Friday is D-Day for me and my family, and there's still no sign of improvement.

Before I go, though, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for coming with me on this journey to achieve some amazin…