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Update Day: May 2018

Happy May! This Friday is the last Friday of the month, which means...
it's time for another Update Day.
And another chance to share your progress on your crazy (or not-so-crazy) goals. How did May go? What are your plans for June? Blog about it, and share with the Got Goals community! We can't wait to support you in your goals-keeping progress. Taking part in the Got Goals? Bloghop is easy.
Step 1: Set yourself a crazy, important, or otherwise ambitious goal (or goals). Step 2: Try to do something towards achieving said goal every month. Step 3: Post an update of your progress on your blog on the last Friday of month. Remember to use the graphic above so we can easily spot it. Step 4: Link to your Update Day post for February in the comments below. Step 5: Remember to check in with other participants so you can advise and/or encourage them.
So do let us know how you did. Any plans for the Summer?