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Update Day: December 2017

Hey all! It's with great relief that I can say that I seem to be out of my troubles, which means that I can make my return to my social networking. It's been a rough month. I mean crazy and in some parts terrifying, but we seem to have made it through.

So here I am, posting our Update Day post for December 2017.

For those of you new to the Got Goals? Bloghop, we're a bunch of writers who have set some crazy or crazy important goals. Then on the last Friday of every month (as a rule), we post updates on our progress. It makes for some great, friendly accountability, since it's always nice to at least say we got something done towards what we want to achieve, even if it's a small thing. 
You're also welcome to join, and since this is New Year's Resolution time, this might be a great moment for you to sign up. 
All you need to do is the following (as a start, but we're not fussy):  Write a post in which you set your goal, and how you're going about to ac…