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Update Day July 2018

Hey everyone! I don't know what it's like where you are, but July means we're in the heat of the summer where I live. The big question is: Are your goals sizzling like the weather? We want to know here at #GotGoalsBlogHop because the last Friday of July is this week, which means another Update Day!

How to Take Part in the Got Goals? Bloghop:
Step 1: Set yourself a crazy, important, or otherwise ambitious goal (or goals). Step 2: Try to do something towards achieving that goal every month. Step 3: Post an update of your progress on your blog on the last Friday of the month. Remember to use the graphic above so we can easily spot it. Step 4: Link to your Update Day post in the comments below. Step 5: Check in with other participants so you can advise and/or encourage them.
How did you do on your goals in July? What are your plans as we head into August?