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Update Day: March 2018

I don't know about you, but March as flown by for me! This Friday is Update Day, being the last Friday of the month, but we thought with Easter and everything, this Friday is going to be pretty busy for a lot of blogging folks. So this month's hop will be extended through April 7th.

Taking part in the Got Goals? Bloghop is easy.
Step 1: Set yourself a crazy, important, or otherwise ambitious goal (or goals).  Step 2: Try to do something towards achieving said goal every month.  Step 3: Post an update of your progress on your blog on the last Friday of month (or before April 7th). Remember to use the graphic above so we can easily spot it.  Step 4: Link to your Update Day post for March in the comments below.  Step 5: Remember to check in with other participants so you can advise and/or encourage them. 
And that's basically it. 
Hope to see you guys on Friday!
P.S. I haven't been to the Discord chat room where participants are hang out from time to time, but I encourage …