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Update Day: August 2017

Do you have a crazy or just an incredibly important goal? 

Excellent. The Got Goals? Bloghop is for you. We set crazy goals and then, on the last Friday of the Month (in this case August 25th), we post updates on our progress. 

You're more than welcome to join in. 

Just write a post to update on your goals, make sure to use the image at the top, and leave a comment on this post with a link to yours. 


  1. You might have to edit the URL in that image?

    1. I'm planning to. I just wanted to get the post up so we had somewhere to put the links. :-)

  2. Here's my august update.

  3. Okay my August Update links:



  4. I don't have much of an update this time, but offer some words of wisdom I learned this month.

  5. Here's my post :)

  6. Typically, after posting my blog post, my whole site went down! It's back now, phew. Here's mine:

    1. Google says it's down right now as well. :/

    2. Sigh that's so annoying. Poor Angeline. I hope it gets sorted out soon.


    I'm a little late. Got caught in the pages of a book.

  8. Hey everyone! This is Tyrean's. I don't think she was around when I changed over to the blog.

    1. Thank you, Misha!!! I was away from home, having a bit of an emotional drop-off for my daughter's first year of four-year college.

    2. Yeah I'm sure it was really emotional. I remember how my mom cried when she dropped me off at a university that was across the country from where she lived at the time. :-)

  9. Marna is also away from a reliable internet signal, but her post is up at

  10. Here's my post.


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